What To Do With Leftover Coffee

Were you getting late for work and didn’t get the time to finish your cup of morning coffee? Or did you make more than you needed? Whatever the reason, there is now leftover coffee in your refrigerator, and you might be wondering what to do with it.

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Coffee is sacred for many people. If you’re one of those, pouring it down the drain may just break your heart. But wait for a second – you don’t have to!

We aren’t suggesting that you drink that leftover coffee. Coffee becomes too acidic to consume if it’s left on its own for too long. So, drinking it is not an option. If you’re wondering if there is any way you can use leftover coffee, the good news is – yes, there is!

Read this blog post ahead to know what you can do with your leftover coffee.

Add It To Your Oatmeal

You can use leftover coffee in your oatmeal. Instead of adding all water to cook your oatmeal, add a small quantity of coffee and let the oatmeal cook. It’ll absorb the rich coffee flavour and give you the morning caffeine boost that you can’t seem to function without!

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Freeze It As Ice Cubes

One of the simplest ways of utilising your leftover coffee is to freeze it as ice cubes. The next time you’re craving an iced latte, just drop the ice cubes in milk, and you’re good to go. In fact, you can even use them as a replacement for regular ice cubes in your iced coffee. It’s a better option as it won’t make your coffee feel watery upon melting.

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Make a Smoothie

Refrigerate the leftover coffee and let it get super chilled. Once it’s cold enough, use it as a liquid for blending up a smoothie with bananas and protein powder. Toss in some ice cubes to make a fully-loaded glass of delicious coffee-based smoothie!

Add It To Your Hot Chocolate

A mug of hot chocolate feels great at the end of a long tiring day. Do you know what will feel even better? Hot chocolate turned to mocha! You read that right. Add some of the leftover coffee to your hot chocolate, and a quick home-made mocha is ready.

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Use It In Baking

Another great thing that you can do with your leftover coffee is bake with it. Whatever it is that you’re baking, be it cake or brownies, replace some of the liquid that the recipe quotes with the leftover coffee and see the magic happen. You’ll feel the rich coffee flavour without it being overwhelmingly dominant – just the perfect treat for an evening snack!

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Sprinkle It On Your Salad

Salad dressing is usually made of oil and acid. As we’ve mentioned earlier, coffee tends to become more acidic upon standing. You know exactly where we’re headed. We’re absolutely suggesting you use leftover coffee as a salad dressing. Pick any recipe that uses vinegar and simply replace it with coffee and get ready to have everyone asking how you got that taste!

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Add It To Your Garden

Just like coffee grounds can increase your garden soil fertility, the leftover coffee can serve the same purpose. All you’ve got to do is dilute your coffee before pouring it into the ground. The ideal ratio is ¼ of coffee and ¾ water. Simply pour the mixture onto your plant pots. Caffeine will serve as an excellent source of nitrogen that’ll promote the healthy growth of stems. What an eco-friendly way of using your leftover coffee!

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There’s so much more than you can with your leftover coffee than what we just listed above. You can use it in your cake’s frosting or add it to your waffle batter or even use it to marinate the beef. The possibilities are endless. So the next time you’ve leftover coffee in your fridge, don’t even consider throwing it away!