At CoffeeWanderment, we invite you join us as we wander and roam into the aromatic world of coffee.

Beyond simply the aroma. We invite you to roam and explore the process in creating that perfect cup of coffee that’s tailor to your personal taste bud.

Wanderment (noun), The act of wandering, or roaming

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there, this is Kelly and Jacob, co-authors of www.CoffeeWanderment.com.

Kelly & Jacob, co-authors of www.CoffeeWanderment.com

We met in 2013 while attending the same Coffee Appreciation Course in Melbourne Australia which started our journey into the aromatic world of coffee. We have since attended more courses including Fundamental Barista skills, Latte Art Techniques, Manual Brewing, Introduction to Espresso, Coffee Sensory Skills and Knowledge.

Nope, we are not professionals (not even close). We simply enjoy drinking a nice cup (or two) of coffee on a daily basis and had fallen in love with making our own.

We notice that many folks (like we were) have the misconception that their only options when it comes to coffee, is either mixing instant coffee packs with hot water or if they want anything better, they will have to pay for one at a cafe. And many look at the fancy equipment and tools thinking to themselves that making coffee is like rocket science and will take up lots of time and investments.

Why Did We Start This Blog

We started this blog to show and guide coffee lovers who are looking for something more than instant coffee mix but are not looking to become professionals or become a full-time barista or compete in competitions.

In other words, if you are simply looking to learn how to make better coffee at home – be it to perk up your Monday morning or simply to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon – Coffee Wanderment might be exactly where you are looking for!


Mission and Vision

This site seeks to help coffee making more attainable, affordable, and approachable.

CoffeeWanderment offers free information, contents and reviews for coffee lovers in the beginner and intermediate level.

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