8 Best Travel French Press

In this round up of the best travel french press, we have selected something for different types of travelers. Whether you are a frequent traveler looking for a lightweight travel french press for yourself or traveling as a family where need something with big enough capacity to go around, we are pretty sure you can find a recommendation here.

We have also included an overall recommendation to help you decide which travel french press best suits your need. Let’s get on with the list.

1) Bodum Travel Press 

The Bodum Travel French Press is well-loved by many coffee makers. Part of the reason is its versatility as the Bodum Travel French Press combines two uses into one – a brewer and tumbler.

Yes, you can brew your coffee with the included French Press apparatus on the go and drink directly from the cup. Size-wise, the Bodum Travel holds 15 oz of coffee, is lightweight, and small enough to fit into a cup holder. 

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The French Press apparatus inside in the Bodum Travel French Press is capable enough to make good coffee. The filter allows more natural oils to seep into the coffee making a flavorful cup of French Press java. A quick tip is to press on the plunger slowly and evenly to ensure the grounds are extracted uniformly. 

What We Like
  • Good portability
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to wash
  • Drink directly from the tumbler
  • Keeps coffee hot for hours
What We Don’t Like
  • Coffee contains some grounds
  • Over-extraction can occur if you leave the coffee in the tumbler for some time.

2) AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press

The AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press is an all-in-one travel Aeropress solution. It fits everything you need to brew coffee using an AeroPress into a carry case. If you think the AeroPress is already portable enough, the AeroPress Go brings it up a notch.

It works by re-engineering all the components of an AeroPress. The AeroPress, filter holder, coffee scoop, and foldable stirrer all fit into the carry case, which functions as a coffee mug. In short, all you need is the AeroPress Go and coffee to enjoy coffee on the go.

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Although it looks and works like a French Press, AeroPress coffee tastes completely different from French Press coffee. AeroPress uses pressure to force coffee through the coffee filter, removing the oil and sediment from entering the cup. The coffee is clean and has a defining flavor.

What We Like
  • Small size.
  • Everything you need is inside the AeroPress Go.
  • Value for money.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Excellent coffee. 
What We Don’t Like
  • Only brew 8 oz of coffee in a single brew.

3) Espro Travel Coffee Press

The Espro Travel Coffee Press is a lovely two in one. You get an exquisite travel coffee mug and a French Press. Plus, it is not just a coffee mug but a tumbler. The double-wall stainless steel construction keeps your coffee hot for four to six hours. Furthermore, the Espro Travel Coffee Press is designed durability, lasting you for a lifetime. 

Coffee wise, the Espro Travel Coffee Press has a special trick up its sleeve. It has a patented two filter design, with each filter nine to twelve times smaller than the standard French Press. The purpose of this filter system is to make sure none of the grounds get into your coffee.

One more advantage of the Espro Travel Coffee Press is that you can make pour-over coffee with the two filter design. All that’s required is to place a paper filter in between the filters. It will absorb the coffee oils and retain the grounds to brew a good cup of pour-over coffee.

What We Like
  • Make good coffee on the road.
  • Brew two types of coffee – French Press and pour-over coffee.
  • Durable construction.
  • Tumbler makes coffee hot for four to six hours.
  • Drink directly from the cup.
  • Easy to use.
What We Don’t Like
  • Small size of 10 oz of coffee in a single brew. 

4) JOMO French Press Coffee Maker (with travel bag)

If you need want to enjoy French Press coffee on the go with a group of coffee lovers, you will love the JOMO French Press Coffee Maker. It is designed to brew 34 oz of coffee in one go. There is a neat little marker on the inside of the carafe to ensure you don’t overfill.

As for the construction, expect nothing but top-notch quality with its double-wall construction. It is meant for the roughest of journeys with its unbreakable 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel design. It is also coated with a scratch-resistant coating to ensure that your coffee maker maintains a pristine condition no matter how many times you use it outdoors. The double-wall insulation also serves to keep your coffee hot for hours. 

The JOMO French Press Coffee Maker employs a dual filter system for keeping the grounds away from your coffee. You can be confident of getting a cup of clean and flavorful coffee. Lastly, you can keep all your coffee apparatus in the travel bag, which is great for camping and other outdoor activities.

What We Like

  • Brews large capacity of 34 oz coffee.
  • Travel bag is handy for keeping all coffee apparatus when traveling.
  • Durable double-wall construction.
  • Scratch-resistant color coating.
  • Keeps coffee hot.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavy to carry around.

5) GSI Commuter JavaPress

The GSI Commuter Javapress is one of the most ingenious designs I’ve come across for a French Press coffee maker. It doesn’t come with a plunger. The entire inner carafe acts like the plunger/filter to keep your coffee free from grounds. 

Let me explain. The GSI Commuter Javapress has an inner carafe/press and an outer mug. The mug serves to hold your coffee for brewing. Once it is done, you insert the inner press, which has a filter apparatus at the bottom. Press it all the way down to separate the grounds from your coffee. 

You can easily add cream and sugar before closing the lid because of the lack of a plunger. The top has a sealable sprout to make it easy for sipping coffee while also preventing heat loss. 

What We Like
  • Clever design.
  • No plunger.
  • Sleeve has a comfy hold and keeps the mug cool to touch.
  • 15 oz in size.
  • Fits in standard cup holders.
  • Non-slip foot.
What We Don’t Like
  • Require practice to ensure coffee doesn’t get in between the spills which spill onto your clothes when you drink it.
  • Plastic construction.

6) Stanley Classic Travel Mug French Press

The Stanley Classic Travel Mug French Press, like many coffee makers on this list, is also a two in one travel French Press. It is a brewer and a coffee mug. In fact, it is very much like the GSI Commuter JavaPress. The difference is that it has a gasket instead of the inner carafe. This means it doesn’t have the problem of coffee leaking between the filter walls and the mug.  

In terms of quality, fit, and seals, the Stanley Classic Travel Mug French Press is top class. It has a leakproof feature with a well-designed lid and excellent rubber seal. The screw-top design is a fantastic choice to make sure it can withstand a challenging hike without spilling coffee. 

What We Like
  • Leakproof with good quality rubber seals.
  • Durable.
  • No grounds in coffee.
  • Fits in standard cup holders.
  • Holds your coffee hot for hours.
  • Excellent fit and finish.
  • Easy to wash.
What We Don’t Like
  • Twist off lid is not suited one-handed use.
  • Gasket fits too tightly inside the mug and requires some strength to pull it out.

7) Bobble Travel French Press

The highlight that makes the Bobble Travel French Press different from all the other French Press on this list is its three wall insulation. The food-grade stainless steel construction makes it the best travel French Press for retaining heat. If you love sipping a hot cup of java, you’d love this.

The Bobble Travel French Press has a patented microfilter that does well to keep coffee clean of grounds. Furthermore, the filter serves as a measuring cup before brewing. Just flip it upside down and fill it with grounds for the recommended 4 tablespoons of coffee per 13 oz of water.

Since the lid is not attached to the filter, you can remove it to add cream or sugar. The filter can also be removed for easy cleaning. Talking about cleaning, the Bobble Travel French Press is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

What We Like
  • Three wall insulation keeps coffee hot.
  • Three-minute quick brew.
  • Filter can be unscrewed and removed for thorough washing.
  • Filter also serves as a measurement for grounds.
  • Good quality.
  • Mug is cool to touch despite not having a sleeve. 
  • Food grade stainless steel construction.
What We Don’t Like
  • Silicon lid has a rubber smell.

8) OXO Brew Venture Travel French Press

The OXO Brew Venture Travel French Press is great for outdoor parties. Despite being able to hold 32 oz of coffee, it is relatively lightweight and easy to carry around. The shatter-resistant body is also good for camping or other outdoor activities.

What We Like
  • Brews 32 oz of coffee.
  • Shatter-resistant construction makes it suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Easy view window to check coffee level.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Spout has an additional filter to remove grounds.
What We Don’t Like
  • Does not keep coffee hot for long.

How to Choose Your Travel French Press

The Best Large Size Travel French Press

First of all, what is the size you are looking for in a travel French Press? Are you making coffee for yourself or for a group of coffee lovers? 

If you want to brew a big pot of coffee at one go, the top choices will be JOMO French Press Coffee Maker and OXO Brew Venture Travel French Press. I have ranked the travel French Press coffee makers according to size. 

  1. JOMO French Press Coffee Maker – 34 oz
  2. OXO Brew Venture French Press – 32 oz.
  3. Stanley Classic Travel Mug French Press – 16 Oz
  4. GSI Commuter JavaPress & Bodum Travel Press – 15 oz
  5. Bobble Travel French Press – 13 oz
  6. Espro Travel Coffee Press – 10 oz
  7. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press – 8 oz

The best large size Travel French Press is the JOMO French Press Coffee Maker. The JOMO has the largest capacity, and its double filter system keeps your coffee clean from grounds. Also, the unbreakable 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel design with scratch-resistant coating makes it perfect for outdoor usages. Also, you can expect your coffee to be hot for hours with the double-wall insulation design, which the OXO is missing. 

The Best Plunger Travel French Press

The plunger-style French Press is the standard method of brewing French Press coffee. There are three travel French Press on the list. They are:

  1. The AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press
  2. Bodum Travel Press – It is both a brewer and a tumbler. 
  3. Espro Travel Coffee Press

The best plunger Travel French Press is the Espro Travel Coffee PressYou will be torn between the Espro and the Bodum, as both are great coffee makers. What makes the Espro better is that the plunger mechanism is not attached to the lid, making it easier to handle.

You can remove the lid and pour your coffee without the plunger getting in the way, which is not possible for the Bodum. The convenience of drinking directly from the cup is also why you’d prefer it over the AeroPress Go.

The Best Sliding Inner Carafe Travel French Press

The sliding inner carafe/press is a twist of the French Press. It uses a sliding mechanism instead of a plunger to extract the flavor of the beans. There are three sliding inner carafe French Press on the list. They are:

  1. Stanley Classic Travel Mug French Press 
  2. GSI Commuter JavaPress
  3. Bobble Travel French Press 

The best sliding inner carafe travel French Press is the Bobble Travel French Press. Two features of the Bobble Travel French Press makes it head and shoulders above the GSI and Stanley. First is the three wall insulation. The triple insulation ensures your coffee remains hot for a long time. 

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Second is the build. The Bobble is the only coffee maker on the list that uses stainless steel construction for the outer carafe and the inner press. Stanley uses a plastic press, and the GSI uses plastic for both the outer mug and the inner press. 


There are plenty of good travel French Press on the market. When choosing the best travel French Press, do keep in mind of your drinking habits.

Do you tend to drink your coffee for a long time? If so, you’d be better off with Bobble Travel French Press with its special heat-retaining construction.

Do you have a habit of drinking coffee while on the road? The Bodum Travel Press will be more suitable for one-handed use.

Overall, I believe you’ll be happy with the recommendations on this specially selected list of travel French Press.