Aeropress vs. Chemex (Which is Better?)

Creating the best cup of coffee can be an art form. There are a variety of ways to get that perfect flavour you want, depending on your preference. If you are indecisive about choosing a device that offers a press or a drip method for your daily dose of caffeine, we’re here to help!

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In this article, we break down the pros and cons of the AeroPress vs. Chemex products to show you the advantages of each one and help you make the best choice.

Main Difference Between AeroPress vs. Chemex

Some people may already prefer one type of brewing to another, but if you haven’t made a decision yet, the AeroPress and the Chemex products use different ways to get a perfect cup of coffee. Once you figure out which way you prefer, it may help you choose a product.

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Immersion Method

The AeroPress uses hot water you pour into the product to immerse the fine grounds. You control how long to saturate them for the desired body and flavour, then plunge it into your cup for instant brewing. This method is simple to use, takes no time at all, and is easy to clean.

It is portable, compact in size, and is not for someone looking to brew many cups of coffee at once. 

Pour-Over Method

If you are looking for a method to brew a large amount of flavourful coffee at once, the Chemex pour-over glass carafe is a terrific option. The glass is non-porous, so it will not absorb any residue or odours that can alter the flavour of your morning coffee.

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Although it is easy to clean and versatile to brew and store for later, it is not for brewing coffee outside the home or on the go.

AeroPress vs. Chemex Reviews

Please take a look at the many specifications we have listed below for more details on both products and see which one will best suit your lifestyle.

AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

This product is compact and easy to use to brew that morning coffee or espresso shot to add to your cappuccino or latte. In only one to two minutes, AeroPress gives you a cup of coffee with low acidity, helping to keep the bitterness out of your drink.

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This fully submerging method produces your morning coffee with a uniform and rich flavour, something you will always enjoy. AeroPress uses gentle but rapid air pressure and presses through a microfilter to ensure your coffee is grit-free. 

You can use the filters specific for this model, or opt for a wire, reusable filter to save on waste. By keeping the water temperature lower for brewing and using microfilters for pure, particle-free coffee, you are sure to get a rich, smooth flavour that you can enjoy now or store for later use.

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Each product comes with a filter holder and 350 microfilters, a funnel, scoop, and stirrer. It is simple to use, and cleanup is a breeze with the attachments. All of it is made with BPA-free plastic, making it light and easy to take anywhere. 

Things We Like
  • Portable enough to take anywhere 
  • Versatile to make coffee or espresso shots 
  • All pieces are BPA-free
  • It can be inverted to turn into a French Press brewer
  • Relatively inexpensive 
Things We Don’t
  • Yields only one to three cups
  • Avoid using boiling water for brewing
  • Depending on the grind, coffee may filter through before plunging

Chemex Pour-over Coffeemaker

If you love fresh coffee that you can enjoy any time of the day, Chemex has the perfect system. This non-porous borosilicate glass carafe does not absorb odours or any residue from continuous brewing that could affect the taste of your coffee. It has a classic design that is easy to use to make up to eight cups of coffee at once.

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The pour-over method helps achieve the perfect coffee cup without any grit or particles you may find with other machines or products. You can cover the entire unit after brewing to store in your refrigerator and reheat later while still sealing in all the flavour. 

Using heat-resistant, heavy-walled glass, you will not lose any boldness or flavour during the brewing process. You can change the coarseness of the grounds to modify the boldness of your coffee easily. 

This item comes with a polished wood collar and leather tie for a classic look, and it is entirely dishwasher safe. If you are using an electric coil stove, you must use the Chemex stainless steel wire grid between the carafe and the coils to avoid damage or breakage. 

Things We Like
  • Cover and reheat later to enjoy the same flavour as freshly brewed 
  • Carafe can be kept warm with hotplate or glass stovetop
  • Unit is easy to clean
  • Leaves no grounds or particles in the bottom of the unit
  • Makes up to eight cups of coffee at once
Things We Don’t
  • A wide grip is needed to pour, which could be difficult for some users
  • More expensive than other brewing products

The Comparison Results 

After examining both of these products and listing their features, we hope you have a better idea of which one would work well for your needs. If you are a die-hard coffee lover, you may find that you will have more than one method to brew that delicious morning coffee, depending on how much time you have or where you are.

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If you want to make a great cup of coffee at work rather than going out to your local coffee shop and spending money, the AeroPress is an inexpensive and easy option. But if you need to brew multiple cups of coffee at a time or want to brew a large batch to store to enjoy throughout the day, the Chemex product will give you an exceptional beverage. 

Don’t feel pressure to choose just one product either. If you want to explore both options and budget is not a concern, you could use both products effectively at home and work or on the go to have a great cup of coffee anywhere.