What is Espresso? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re one of those people who need a serious dose of a stimulant early in the morning, an espresso shot is probably your best bet. An espresso will have you on your toes with your energy stores fully replenished in no time. However, if you think that espresso and your regular cup of Joe were the same thing, it may surprise you that they’re not.

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Espresso differs from regular coffee in several aspects. If you want to know what exactly an espresso is and how it is different from coffee, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post talks about everything there is to know about espresso.

Let’s get going.

What is Espresso?

An espresso is a form of coffee that’s far more concentrated than the coffee you usually consume. It is served as small concentrated shots. In fact, espresso forms the base for numerous coffee drinks. Although it’s made using the coffee beans that make the regular latte, espresso is a lot thicker, stronger, and has a much higher concentration of caffeine. However, since it’s served in small servings, the amount of caffeine that you’re consuming per shot is balanced.

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Espresso uses the same coffee beans from the same coffee plant and is processed and roasted by exactly the same process. However, what makes espresso different from coffee is the size of the grounds used and the way the coffee beans are treated. Beans ground to give to a finer consistency is used to make espresso. Finely ground beans are packed firmly in the espresso machine before hot water is passed over them. As the hot water wets the finely ground, firmly packed coffee, an espresso shot is prepared. You can use espresso shot as is or use it as a base for other drinks like Americano or cappuccino.

Espresso offers the flavour of coffee, only a lot more amplified. It’s more acidic, bitter, toasty, and lightly sweet. If you want something thicker and creamier than coffee, espresso is what you need.

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What Health Benefits Does an Espresso Offers?

Too much of anything is harmful to the health, but if you consume just the right amount of espresso, you can reap numerous health benefits.

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Improved Heart Health – According to studies, consuming caffeine in the right amounts improves cell functionality, preventing the development of heart-related diseases. People who drink coffee or consume coffee beans regularly are at about 19% lesser risk of dying from heart disease.

Enhanced Brain Function – People who consume espresso have a lower risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Consuming an appropriate quantity of espresso regularly prevents the decline of cognitive function and keeps your brain more alert and responsive.

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Liver Health – Regular consumption of espresso is found to reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis which is often associated with excessive intake of alcohol.

Drinking Espresso

Espresso is served as small, concentrated shots, but that doesn’t, in any way, mean that you’ve got to consume it in one go, like in the case of alcohol shots. Espresso has a supremely rich and bold flavour that’s meant to be savoured and enjoyed to the fullest. You should drink espresso in small sips and take in the deep, profound feeling of coffee.

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How Can You Use Espresso?

If you want to enjoy espresso in its truest essence, we suggest you consume it as is. You can always add a sweetener to it if the flavour is too strong for your taste buds.

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Espresso can also be used as a base for several other coffee drinks such as:

  • Americano, in which an espresso shot is combined with steamy hot water
  • Red Eye, in which a shot of espresso is combined with filtered coffee
  • Latte is a combination of steamed milk and a double espresso shot
  • Cappuccino combines a shot of espresso with frothed and steamed milk

How Much Caffeine is There in Espresso?

Espresso can have anywhere from 29 to 100 mg of caffeine in each shot, depending on the type of coffee beans used. A single shot of espresso contains approximately 75 mg caffeine, whereas a double shot contains about 58 to 185 mg of caffeine.

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Characteristics of Espresso

Espresso can be made using any kind of coffee. Its characteristics will depend on the type of coffee beans and the level of roasting they’ve been exposed to. Espresso made from lighter roasts is more acidic in nature, whereas espresso made from darker roasts is less acidic. The darker roasts mask the natural acidity of the coffee beans. Darker roast espresso is more common at most coffee shops due to its less acidic taste.

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Parting Shots

Most people use the terms espresso and coffee interchangeably, assuming they’re the same. Now that you know what espresso is, you’ll be better able to decide what you prefer more – an instant, bold energy shot or a milder latte.

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