Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker

The pour-over brewing method used to be only done by hipsters or barristers at some fancy cafes. Today, hand-drip pour over coffee making method has shifted downstream and gained much traction beyond just a coffee brewing method used by specialty coffee lovers.

With the increase in take up demands, there are also more options of pour-over coffee makers in the market today. Below, we have rounded-up the best pour-over coffee makers to help you decide the correct one.

1) Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker

With a simple, timeless, yet practical design, Chemex is one of the leading manufacturers in the pour-over coffee industry. This carafe holds three five-ounce cups, which is on the smaller side for most households, but great for single servings. The unique design that sets this coffee maker apart from the rest is its ability to be covered and reheated on a glass stovetop or low gas flame.

  • Made of high-quality, nonporous borosilicate glass
  • Coffee can be covered and reheated without losing any flavuor
  • You can place the carafe on a glass stovetop or low gas flame to keep it warm without breaking
  • Dishwasher-safe when the leather band is removed
  • Tedious cleaning process
  • Tiny capacity of 15 ounces

2) Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

The next pour-over on the list is the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker. It comes in 17-ounce, 34-ounce, and 51-ounce options, which is excellent for anyone looking for a larger carafe.

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The permanent stainless steel filter is the ideal accessory for pour-over brewing, is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up, and pushes through essential oils that contribute to the final taste of your coffee.

  • It comes with a permanent stainless steel filter
  • Made with tasteless, mouth-blown borosilicate glass
  • A removable cuff or cork band is included to protect hands from the hot glass
  • It can be difficult to pour, requires a wide grip

3) Heihox Pour-Over Coffee Set

If you’re looking for a pour-over coffee maker with precision, then consider the Heihox Pour-Over Coffee Set. This 100% BPA-free carafe is accompanied by a silicone collar and handgrip on the filter to protect against any dangerous burns and makes brewing a breeze. The filter that comes with the Heihox set is unusually fine, so it requires a longer time to brew but is perfect for dark blends.

  • Includes a laser-cut reusable 304 stainless steel double-layer mesh filter, which is eco-friendly and reusable
  • Silicone collar protects hands from burns and allows for easier pouring
  • Great for a single user
  • The filter has been known to deteriorate over time
  • A super-fine filter means a slower drip rate

4) Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator is a popular choice for new pour-over enthusiasts and for a good reason. They provide a high-quality, heat-resistant, and BPA-free carafe paired with a stainless steel mesh filter. The 14-ounce capacity is ideal for one individual and is great for everyday use, but beware of the fragile carafe.

  • It uses a glass handle instead of a wrap for easier pouring
  • Cool-touch filter grip keeps hands safe while brewing
  • The laser-cut mesh filter is eco-friendly and is excellent for both coffee and tea
  • Glass is too fragile and needs to be handled carefully to avoid shattering
  • The filter is dense and can be difficult to clean properly

5) Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bean Envy defines this coffee maker as “simplicity at its best.” This 20-ounce carafe is made with heat-resistant, durable borosilicate glass, which reduces the chance of shattering or warping from excessive heat exposure. At the bottom, the silicone base is a unique feature not seen on many pour-over makers, which protects surfaces and prevents sliding or slipping. It comes with a laser-cut, stainless steel micro-mesh filter.

  • It comes with an “Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee” and lifetime warranty
  • It has a non-slip silicone base on the bottom to protect surfaces
  • Includes a custom silicone sleeve and a handle for more pouring options
  • Only works with coarse ground coffee

6) Melitta Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

If you’re a history buff, then you may know of Melitta Bentz, a German entrepreneur who invented the paper filter brewing method in 1908. This pour-over coffee brewer is an affordable, high-quality homage to the inventor with an astonishing capacity of 36 ounces. It comes with a coffee scoop, five filters to get you started, a BPA-free cone dripper, and a classic diner-style carafe that will have you drinking restaurant-quality coffee in no time.

  • 36-ounce capacity, over twice the size of other pour-over carafes
  • It comes with a free coffee scoop and five filters
  • Medium-size drip opening provides a consistent brew and eliminates the risk of bitterness
  • Dishwasher-safe on the top rack
  • Requires paper filters

7) GVODE Pour Over Coffee Maker

Another honourable mention is the GVODE Pour-Over Coffee Maker, which distinguishes itself from the competition with its stainless steel filter, double-layered with titanium gold. This creates a high-quality, flavourful brew. The GVODE maker can hold up 14 ounces of coffee and has a heat-resistant handle instead of a silicone or cork sleeve.

  • Clearly marked carafe for the perfect amount of coffee
  • A double-layered titanium-gold filter provides a smooth taste with no unwanted grounds
  • Borosilicate glass has an anti-fracture function and built-in anti-thermal shock to prevent breaking
  • The handle is directly connected to the carafe, and a small crack could cause leaking
  • Very small capacity

8) Segarty Coffee Filter Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper

The Segarty Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Dripper features a 3-hole ceramic dripper perched atop a sleek, professional stand that brews directly into a classic glass pitcher. The great thing about the carafe is that it can be used as both a coffee pot and an ordinary pitcher, which is great for entertaining and serving drinks like tea and lemonade.

  • 2-in-1 sleek glass carafe can be used as an ordinary pitcher and coffee pot
  • 3-hole ceramic dripper allows significant time for extracting the full flavour
  • It comes with a sleek, professional stand
  • The pitcher has no bottleneck and is easy to clean
  • The dripper is porcelain ceramic and needs to be handled carefully
  • The dripper is too small for some people and requires patience to brew a small amount

9) Ovalware Pour Over Coffee Dripper Maker

If you’re looking for a pour-over maker that’s compact and easy to store, then Ovalware’s Pour-Over Maker may be the best choice for you. It comes with a glass cup that can be used as a filter stand, measuring cup, and carafe lid to keep your freshly brewed coffee warm. When storing, simply stack the cups and put the carafe in a safe space until you’re ready to use again.

  • Multi-purpose glass cup
  • The compact design makes it easy to store
  • Precision labeling eliminates the need for a scale
  • Extremely fragile carafe

10) OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker

The last pour-over coffee maker to complete our product roundup is the OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker. This pour-over dripper is the best choice for anyone constantly traveling or on the road or a college student who’s cramped on space. This smaller five-inch dripper fits on various mug and cup sizes and has clearly marked increments to measure out how much you’d like to brew, up to 12-ounces. It comes with 10 filters to get you started.

  • Not required to stand by and hand-pour with a kettle
  • Precise hole pattern delivers a uniform brew
  • It fits on a variety of mug sizes
  • Exceedingly sensitive to heat and can melt if the water is too hot

Pour-Over Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

Here are some commonly asked questions and concerns customers have when shopping for the best pour-over coffee maker.

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How to Choose a Pour-Over Coffee Maker for Travelling

First, you should figure out how much coffee you typically drink in a day (measured in cups or ounces). If you have anyone else with you on the road, then you should ask them as well. You’ll need a pour-over maker with a carafe large enough for you and any companions unless you want to make multiple brews.

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Next, make sure you can transport a pour-over coffee maker safely. Most carafes are made out of glass and are highly fragile, so you will either need to find a very durable carafe (which isn’t common) or have a heavily padded and protected case that you can transport it in.

If you don’t want to bring an entire carafe, you can only purchase the pour-over, like the OXO Pour-Over Maker. This eliminates the need for a carafe and can brew directly into your travel mug or cup.

Advantages to Using a Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Using a pour-over coffee maker gives you complete control over the brewing process, including the flavour extraction process and pour rate. The slower you pour, the more intricate the final flavour.

The equipment you need is minimal, and many pour-over makers come with a reusable filter that cuts down on unnecessary costs and is eco-friendly. Pour-overs are also popular with iced coffee drinkers who enjoy making cold brew at home.

Additional Items Needed to Use a Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Besides the coffee maker itself, you will need:

  • Coffee, fresh ground is best
  • A carafe or mug, if none is included
  • Paper filters if the filter is not reusable/stainless steel
  • A method of heating water, like a kettle


The clear winner of the pack is the Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Maker. We like this maker for many reasons. 

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The 20-ounce carafe can hold up to five cups of coffee (great for up to two people), and the reusable, stainless-steel micro-mesh filter guarantees a flavourful brew while reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, the option to pour from a handle instead of having to grip a large bottlenecked sleeve is a significant upgrade from many makers and benefits those with small or fragile hands.

Bean Envy pushed itself past the competitors by offering their “Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee” and a lifetime warranty, which is a must-have with fragile carafes prone to breaking and deteriorating filters. Being backed by the manufacturer gives you peace of mind while enjoying your purchase.