Best Keurig Coffee Makers (Updated 2022)

As one of the recognisable names in the coffee maker scene, Keurig offers a range of machines that cater to different needs and usage. They are known for their pod-based machines which use the signature K-cups to easily and conveniently brew your morning cuppa.

In this round-up article, we’ve curated some of the Best Keurig Coffee Makers available in the market to help you decide which of the Keurig machines is more suitable for your usage.

1) Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

As one of Keurig’s most popular models, the K-Elite is an excellent option if you want a machine that works quickly, provides plenty of brewing options, and is easy to both use and maintain. It has a large 75-ounce reservoir that brews up to eight cups of coffee, but can quickly brew a single cup, too.    

It also scores high marks in versatility. You can pop in hundreds of different K-Cups or even brew your own grind with the Reusable Coffee Filter.

Operation is easy thanks to multiple convenience features such as programmable start, on-demand hot water, brew-strength control, and more. You can adjust the temperature between 187 to 192 degrees.  

Finally, it’s silver with a sleek, contemporary design that fits in with practically any kitchen décor.

  • Large 75-ounce reservoir
  • Uses pods and grind
  • Versatile control options
  • Stylish design
  • Brewing a single cup takes about three minutes

2) Keurig K-Café Coffee Maker

The K-Café has an ingeniously simple design that brews and heats simultaneously, so you don’t have to wait for it to warm up. Instead, with a large 60-ounce reservoir, it quickly makes up to six cups before needing a refill.

Do you take your coffee to go in the morning? The machine fits cups and travel mugs up to 7.2” tall. Don’t worry if you rush out the door too fast because it automatically shuts off two hours after the last cup is made.

  • Intuitive push-button operation
  • It fits mugs up to 7.2” tall
  • Safe for the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Automatically shuts off after two hours
  • Only brews “espresso-style” beverages, not true espresso
  • Handle on the water reservoir isn’t very secure

3) Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

The K-Classic brews a single cup of coffee in less than a minute. It works with all popular K-cup sizes, including six, eight, and 10-ounce pods. With a 48-ounce reservoir, you can make six cups before refilling is needed.

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Also, it’s easy to keep clean. A built-in descaling process removes calcium deposits, also called scale, that accumulate with use. Descaling not only keeps the machine clean, which improves its efficiency, but also helps keep your coffee tasting fresh and free from any mineral aftertaste.

It has a modern, rounded design with black and silver colouring. It has a footprint of 10.1” wide with a total height of 17.6” when opened, so you should have no problem finding a spot for it on your kitchen counter.

  • Brews up to six cups quickly
  • It fits six, eight, and 10-ounce pods
  • The self-cleaning process removes calcium buildup
  • Stylish and compact design
  • The pump can sometimes slow or stop after heavy use

4) Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker

With the K-Select, you can quickly brew coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverages. The 52-ounce reservoir brews up to five cups at a time.

For the days when you need a stronger cup of coffee, press the Strong Brew features, which instantly boosts the drink’s intensity. There are four cup sizes to choose from: six, eight, ten, and 12 ounces. Brewing up any size cup typically takes less than a minute.

  • The large 52-ounce reservoir needs minimal refilling
  • Brews six, eight, ten, and 12-ounce cups
  • Accommodates mugs up to 7.4” tall
  • Fast and simple push-button operation
  • Lid on the water reservoir isn’t very secure

5) Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for the smallest Keurig on the market, check out the K-Mini, which packs a surprising amount of power into a machine that weighs just two pounds. It’s a svelte 4.5” wide, 11.3” long, and 12.1” tall when closed (16.8” when open). Similar in size to a stack of bowls, you can fit it on practically any counter.

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Aside from saving counter space at home, it’s a great option for frequent travellers. The cord fits away neatly into a storage compartment. Plus, it fits travel mugs up to 7” tall.

Another noteworthy feature is its extensive accident protection features. The drainage system underneath can hold an entire cup of coffee, preventing any overflow from spilling across the counter. Also, the coffee maker shuts off automatically 90 seconds after the most recent cup is made.

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Helps prevent overflow
  • Easy to travel with
  • Auto shutoff after 90 seconds
  • Small water tank requires fairly frequent refills

6) Keurig K-Duo Coffee

This dual-action coffee maker lets you brew up a 12-cup carafe and a solo cup of coffee at the same time. The included heating plate keeps your coffee comfortably hot. It uses both K-cups and grounds.

It’s one of Keurig’s most versatile options, capable of brewing up a six, eight, ten, or 12 cup carafe or a six, eight, ten, or 12-ounce cup. It works well if you typically brew a solo cup but want the option to brew more for company or any other large gathering.

The K-Duo offers easy-to-use programmable options. You can start brewing up to 24 hours in advance. Plus, you don’t have to worry about frequently filling the reservoir because it has a large 60-ounce capacity.

  • Brews a carafe and a cup simultaneously
  • Includes built-in heating plate
  • Wide variety of brewing size capabilities
  • Programmable operation up to 24 hours in advance
  • Clock, found on the top of the unit, is difficult to see
  • Strength of the regular brew can be weak

Guide to Buying a Keurig Coffee Maker

As one of the biggest names in home-brewed coffee, Keurig offers a wide variety of products. Which one is the best option for your needs? Here are the key features you’ll want to consider:


Where do you plan to place your Keurig? Some models, such as the K-Classic, need about 10” of counter space. However, smaller options are also available, such as the K-Mini, which has a footprint of only 4.5”.

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Even the smaller models can typically brew a large volume of coffee fairly quickly. But they often can only brew a cup at a time. If you want the ability to fill a carafe, you’ll need one of the larger models.

Also, consider whether or not you want to travel with the coffee maker. With its small size, and a built-in compartment for cord storage, the K-Mini fits easily into a suitcase for hassle-free portability. However, larger models are designed to sit on your kitchen counter 100% of the time.

Features and Complexity

Models range from basic to fairly complex.

With the simpler models, you load a K-cup or grounds, press a button, and let the machine do the rest. While it’s fast and easy, you do miss out on the ability to customise your brew.

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The more complex models allow you to choose cup size, water temperature, brew strength, and more. You can also find models, such as the K-Duo, that allow you to preset a brew time or even scan a barcode on the K-Cup to adjust the settings automatically.

Even the most feature-filled models are typically intuitive to operate. However, they also cost more. Make sure you’re only paying for features you plan to use. For example, if you don’t need your coffee to start brewing automatically in the morning, you can save a bit by choosing a model without that feature.

Reservoir Size

The size of the water reservoir is fairly important, and bigger isn’t always better. If you typically brew only a cup or two each day, you might wind up with a tank of water that takes weeks to drain. While that’s convenient, many people prefer to brew their coffee with fresher water.

On the other hand, if you have a big family or typically serve coffee to large groups of people, you’ll need a large reservoir. 

Final Thoughts

All of the Keurigs listed above deliver great-tasting coffee quickly and easily. However, they have notable differences in terms of size, capacity, features, and more.

If you’re looking for the best all-around option for your kitchen, we recommend the K-Elite. It has a 75-ounce reservoir that’s large enough for family use, along with useful features such as the ability to set a brew time. Plus, it’s silver-and-black design looks great in practically any kitchen.

Otherwise, we recommend the K-Duo if you want the ability to fill a cup and carafe at the same time, or the K-Mini if you’re looking for maximum portability.

Regardless of which one you choose, your new Keurig is sure to deliver a fresh, delicious cup of coffee!