Best Manual Hand Coffee Grinder

A manual hand coffee grinder is a great option if you want to be able to grind coffee beans for just one or two cups of coffee. While you might need something more high-powered to prepare more, a manual grinder can be a simple and straightforward way to prepare a relatively small number of beans.

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You won’t need external power to grind beans when you have a manual grinder to hand, which makes them an ideal piece of kit to use when travelling or on the go. In addition to this, a hand grinder doesn’t produce the same amount of noise as an electric grinder, so you can enjoy peace and quiet as you prepare your coffee.

In this article, we have curated a list of the best manual coffee grinders in the market for your consideration. Check them out!

1) JavaPresse Manual Stainless Steel  Coffee Bean Burr Grinder (with Adjustable Settings)

With 18 adjustable settings and a patented dual plated ceramic burr, the JavaPress Manual Coffee Bean Grinder ensures precision and control. A slimline design and proportions of just 1.8 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches mean that this manual grinder is portable and small enough to carry with you on your travels.

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Made from stainless steel, the jar does feature a viewing window that enables you to see how much powder has been produced. While the JavaPresse grinder is relatively easy to use, it can take a little time to grind coffee beans finely, so bear this in mind if you’re pressed for time when preparing your coffee. 

Things We Like
  • Easy to use                            
  • 18 adjustable settings
  • Slimline design

2) Hario “Skerton Plus” Ceramic Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

If you’re looking for a manual hand coffee grinder that’s compact enough to sit on a countertop or small enough to travel with, the Hario ‘Skerton Plus’ could be just what you’re looking for. Measuring just 8 x 4 x 5 inches and weighing only 1.2 pounds, this won’t take up much room in your kitchen but there’s no doubt it will make an impact. Hario has been producing glassware for 100 years and the quality shines through in this product.

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Its non-slip rubber base ensures the grinder is stable in use, while the detachable crank handle can easily be removed for storage or travel. Additionally, the enhanced grind shaft and burr stabilisation plate deliver a uniform grind that outperforms many other grinders out there. 

Things We Like
  • Compact                             
  • Even grind
  • Attractive design
  • Stable
  • Fast

3) 1Zpresso JX-PRO Manual Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder

Heralded for its quality and build, the 1Zpresso JX-PRO Manual Coffee Grinder is impressive on every level. Its stainless-steel finish and contemporary design give it visual appeal, while its construction offers outstanding durability.

Although it’s relatively compact at 13 x 5.7 x 18 centimetres, it’s capable of holding 20-35g of coffee beans at a time, depending on bean size. However, it’s the 48mm stainless-steel conical burr that delivers a uniform grind every time. Combined with 40 dial controls to give you complete control, the 1Zpresso JX-PRO Manual Coffee Grinder is beloved by coffee aficionados for its quality and consistency and is often considered to be the best manual hand coffee grinder.  

Things We Like
  • Contemporary stainless steel design              
  • 40 controls 
  • Consistent grind
  • Durable
Things We Don’t
  •   Will need to learn how to use it

4) Hario Ceramic Mill Mini Slim Plus Hand Coffee Grinder

The Hario Transparent Black Mini Mill Plus is only capable of grinding approx. 24 grams of coffee beans at a time, so it may not be the ideal option if you regularly make coffee for more than two people. If you’re after a manual grinder that’s suitable for one or two people, however, it won’t let you down.

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It’s also a great option if you’re looking for a portable coffee grinder. The chassis is made entirely from plastic, so you won’t have to worry about glass breaking or shattering while you’re on your travels. With adjustable, sprint-mounted ceramic burrs, it offers a clean and consistent grind that will deliver great-tasting coffee wherever you are. 

Things We Like
  • Great for 1-2 people                                         
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Clean grind

5) VEVOK CHEF Manual Conical Burr Hand Coffee Grinder

Comprised of a stainless-steel burr, glass jar, and stainless-steel hand crack with beech knob, the VEVOK Chef Manual Coffee Grinder feels sturdy and durable. The coffee mill hopper can hold around 20g of coffee beans, which is a little less than some other grinders of a similar size but still sufficient to brew beans for two cups of coffee.

Although the product is known to offer consistent grinds, it does only feature six adjustable settings. While this is sufficient to grind beans for espresso, pour-over, cold brew, and more, it might not be the right option for you if you prefer to have a little more control over the grind.

Things We Like
  • Attractive stainless steel design                        
  • Less control than some models                         
  • 6 adjustable settings
Things We Don’t
  • Only 20-gram grind capability
  • Less control than some models

6) Triple Tree Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs

This Manual Coffee Grinder packs a punch, particularly given its small stature. At just over 8 inches tall and 3.54 inches wide, it’s a small yet powerful grinder that can be taken with you when you travel or used at home. 

The silicon lid is durable and soft to the touch, so you can rely on the glass jar to keep beans or powder fresh. What’s particularly attractive about this grinder is the fact that it comes with two glass jars, a brush, and scoop, so you’ve got everything you need to get started. However, some users have found that the adjustable settings of the burr are not as accurate as they’d like, which could be a drawback for some customers. 

Things We Like
  • Compact design                                                
  • Silicone lid for guaranteed freshness                         
  • Accessories included
Things We Don’t
  • Not the most accurate grinder

7) LHS Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burrs

Combining a ceramic burr with easy-to-use filter-style lids, the LHS Manual Coffee Grinder is easy to use, even when you’re on the go. Weighing in at just 370 grams, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a grinder that you can take with you on your travels. Similarly, it comes with two jars, so you can store beans or powder safely. 

With four adjustable burr settings, you can grind beans into a coarse or fine powder but some coffee makers may prefer a wider variety of adjustments when they’re preparing to brew their morning joe. 

Things We Like
  • Easy to use                                                    
  • Four adjustable burr settings                        
  • Perfect for travelling
Things We Don’t
  • Limited control over grind process

8) Porlex JP 30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder (Japan Import)

Standing just 178mm tall, with a diameter of 47mm, the super-slim Porlex JP 30 is a streamlined way to grind coffee beans in any location. Despite its compact design and light weight of just 0.07kg, it has an impressive capacity of 30 grams and a ceramic burr which delivers a high-quality grind. 

Like most hand grinders, it does require a little effort, particularly if you want to grind beans finely, but its slimline design means that the Porlex JP 30 is easy to hold and use. If you’ve found other manual grinders bulky, this one is definitely worth a second look. 

Things We Like
  • Compact and lightweight                              
  • 30-gram bean capacity                  
Things We Don’t
  •    Not the easiest to use 

9) HEIHOX Hand Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Conical Stainless Steel Burr Mill

Hailed as eco-friendly and durable, the HEIHOX Hand Coffee Grinder is constructed from aluminium and food-grade stainless steel, which makes it robust yet lightweight. The ceramic burr can be adjusted through 24 turns, giving you a good amount of control over the fineness or coarseness of your coffee. 

The detachable hand crank and aluminium container (as opposed to glass) also make this a grinder to have on hand when you’re travelling. What’s more – most customers are thrilled at how easy this manual grinder is to use and how effortlessly beans can be ground. 

Things We Like
  • Eco-friendly                                            
  • Durable
  • Easy to use              
Things We Don’t
  •   It’s quite pricey

10) UNOODER SUS420 Burr Hand Crank Manual Coffee Grinder

The SUS420 features a 48mm conical, stainless-steel burr that’s affixed to the central shaft, which adds extra stability and power when grinding. For users, this means swifter results with less effort, so be sure to consider this Manual Coffee Grinder if you want a grinder that’s easy to operate. 

When you adjust the grinder, each click moves the burr 12.5 microns, with 24 different settings to choose from. This gives you a significant amount of control and ensures you can use the SUS420 to prepare coffee beans for a wide variety of drinks. 

Things We Like
  • Powerful                                                            
  • Fast
  • 24 settings for a high level of control 
Things We Don’t
  • Poor grip

Things to look for in a manual coffee grinder

Some grinders feature stainless steel burrs, while others are ceramic burrs. Some people believe that the added heat from metal burrs can affect the flavour of coffee, whereas some coffee lovers prefer a stainless-steel burr.

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When choosing a manual grinder, keep an eye out for the number of adjustable settings your preferred product offers. More settings mean that you’ll be able to grind fine or coarse powder from your coffee beans. 

How to choose a manual coffee grinder for travelling

If you’re looking for portability, be sure to pay attention to the size and weight of the grinder. Similarly, make sure that the hand crank can be detached from the main body, as this can drastically reduce the size of the grinder when it’s in transit.

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Although many manual grinders feature a glass jar, you may prefer a stainless steel, aluminium or plastic grinder if you plan on traveling regularly. 


While all of the manual hand grinders featured here have their benefits, the 1Zpresso JX-PRO Manual Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder would be our top pick in this round-up. Lightweight and made from stainless steel, it’s highly portable and great for traveling, while its 40 adjustable settings, impressive capacity, and outstanding quality offers fantastic results and enhanced durability.