Best Coffee Mug Warmers (2021 Edition)

A good mug warmer will retain the temperature of your beverage and keep it that way for your perfect consumption especially in cold rooms. This means there’s no need to run to the microwave or the stove to heat your drink, soup, or coffee. And because a mug warmer is usually small and compact, you can take it almost anywhere.

In this round-up article, we’ve featured some of the best coffee mug warmer for your consideration. Check it out:

1) Ember Temperature Control Smart Coffee Mug 2 (App Controlled)

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is an app controlled mug that allows you to set and adjust the temperature between 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit using your smartphone. The smart feature also allows you to receive notifications and customise your drink preference settings.

It also comes with built-in auto-sleep feature is able to tell when to turn on and off to enter into a sleep mode when the mug is empty and to automatically wake up when there are movements or it detects liquid.

The mug is made out of stainless steel with scratch-resistant ceramic coating that is IPX7 rated and has a long lasting battery that keeps your beverage hot for up to 1.5 hours on one full charge.

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Every mug also comes with a 1 year warranty and 30-day return for purchases bought directly from Ember Technologies (not from third party).

What We Like
  • Longer-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Auto sleep function
  • Automatic settings
  • With app control; customised settings available
  • With a one-year warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Not designed to warm any regular mug

2) VOBAGA Mug Warmer Plate

The VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer is a convenient warmer plate available in 6 different colors. With this mug warmer, you can use any type of mug and warm up any beverage, including coffee, cocoa, milk, tea, and water. You can adjust the temperature from 149, 131, or 104 degrees Fahrenheit just by pressing the power button.

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It comes with an automatic power-off feature that will power off the mug warmer after 4 hours. You can use mugs that have a thin wall, concave or flat bottoms for the best heating results. It will also work with stainless cups, glass cups, mugs, tableware, and many more.
The VOBAGA mug warmer is made from high-quality polymidel film that makes it resistant to heat and flames. It is spill-proof and thus is very easy to clean. It also comes with a long power cord making it safer and easier to use.

What We Like
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Automatic power off after four hours
  • You can use different types of mugs
  • With a spill-proof design
  • Heat and fire-resistant
  • Compact design with a long charging cord
  • Available in six different colors
What We Don’t Like
  • No separate temperature switch from the power switch

3) COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

The COSORI mug warmer comes with a hot plate and a matching mug. This is an upgraded set that can help you keep your beverage warm down to the last degree. The warmer has touch controls, an LED screen, plus, you have an option to view the temperature in Celsius or in Fahrenheit.

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The matching mug is made from food grade and FDA-approved stainless steel. It’s cool-touch handle and a silicone sleeve design prevents any possible burning your hand. This mug has a flat bottom that contacts the heating plate very well.

The heating plate comes with a high-quality PI surface heating element, which allows the plate to produce up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit heat. You can warm up your beverage with temperatures ranging from 77 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

The mug is dishwasher-safe, and the plate is easy to clean by simply wiping with a clean damp cloth. This pair is also easy to carry anywhere, and thus you can set it up at home, in your home office, at work, or in school.

What We Like
  • Comes with a mug and mug warmer
  • With touch controls and LED
  • You can switch from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Made from very durable materials
  • With silicone sleeve and cool handle
  • Mug comes with a cover
What We Don’t Like
  • There’s no automatic off feature

4) KUWAN Coffee Mug Warmer

The KUWAN Coffee Mug Warmer is a mug warmer that accepts all kinds of coffee mugs and cups. You can use this warm coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, or other beverages. This comes with improved thermal conductivity with a heating chip that can heat beverages efficiently.

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This mug warmer is also designed to conserve power and has an automatic function to power off when it’s no longer in use. This device has a flat bottom thermostatic base so it can conduct heat better [Jacob: Do note to only use mugs and cups with a flat bottom with this]. This mug warmer can attain temperatures of 122 or 131 degrees and will warm your cup all day long.

What We Like
  • With improved heating technology
  • Ideal for all mugs and cups with a flat bottom for full contact
  • With temperature adjustment
  • With auto-shutoff function
  • Easy to use and clean/maintain
What We Don’t Like
  • Only works with flat bottom cups or mugs

5) BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Cup Warmer

The BESTINNKITS smart cup warmer is a 19-watt warmer that you can use to warm up any beverage, including tea, coffee, cocoa, milk, or even candles. There’s no power on or off switch because it does so automatically. It will keep your beverages at 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

It does not come with a mug but will work with any thin-walled mug with a flat bottom [Jacob: do note that the mug should be at least 13 ounces in weight in order to activate this warmer’s sensor. It is waterproof with a thermal conductive glass coating, which makes it pretty easy to clean.

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This mug warmer comes in more than six different colors and every purchase is backed with a 24 months warranty.

What We Like

Very easy to use, no power switch
Ideal for all mugs with thin walls and flat bottoms
Waterproof, easy to clean
24 months warranty
Available in many colors

What We Don’t Like

Lack of temperature adjustment

6) Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

This is an official Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer that comes with an iconic Mickey Mouse design ceramic mug. This warmer will keep your hot drinks and soups warm and delicious. This is easy to use and can be used to warm beverages at home, in your office, at work, or anywhere. The mug is easy to clean while the warmer is also made for easy maintenance.

What We Like
  • Perfect for Mickey Mouse collectors and fans
  • Can be used anywhere at home or the office
  • Convenient light to tell you it’s powered on
  • Comes with a ceramic mug
What We Don’t Like
  • Lack of temperature adjustment

>> Bonus

7) Darice Large Jar Warmer

The Darice jar warmer was created to warm up scented candles minus the flame. This will help you enjoy different fragrances and benefit from aromatherapy. Aside from keeping candles warm, it also helps keep beverages and soups warm.

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It is ideal for home and office use as you can easily take it wherever you go. As long as you have a flat surface to place this on, you can use this jar warmer anytime. You won’t have to worry about this warmer toppling over because it comes with secure felt-covered feet. It won’t be too hot on your table, especially if you have a wood table because of its secure feet.

The Darice candle heater and mug warmer comes with a 4.25-inch diameter and will fit most mugs, jars, and cups. It has a convenient on and off switch with a light indicator. If you must use this to melt candles, use non-lit candles that are inside metal or glass jars and containers.

What We Like
  • Candle melter and mug warmer
  • Can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Will keep all kinds of beverages and soups warm
  • With convenient on and off switch and light indicator
What We Don’t Like
  • Heats liquids to lukewarm only
  • Not able to adjust the temperature

How to choose the right mug warmer?

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when choosing your first mug warmer:

  • Do note the size of your cup and whether the base of the cup is suitable for the mug warmer. Alternatively, simply go for a mug warmer that comes with a mug or cup.
  • Try to go for a warmer with adjustable temperature settings to allow flexibility in your drink.
    Personally, looks and stability is key when we pick a mug warmer than how easy it is to clean (as we seldom dirty it).

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Things to note when using a mug warmer?

  • As the name suggests, a mug warmer is designed to warm beverages and not so much to turn it into boiling hot. As such, be sure to prepare the cuppa per you would a normal coffee prior to placing the mug on the warmer.
  • Keep a good habit to clean any spill right away. A spill or stain that has settled on the heating surface or element can affect the efficiency of the warmer.
  • Avoid placing the warmer on a wooden table as there could be a possibility that the heat could damage the table or ruin its varnish. If unsure, consider putting a coaster or something beneath the mug warmer.
  • Use only appropriate mugs or cups. Those with flat bottoms and thin walls are usually the most perfect options.

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If you are into smart devices and enjoy a high lever of configuration and customisation, the Ember Smart Mug could be your choice mug warmer from this round-up. It can keep your beverage hot up to 1.5 hours in just one full charge and allows adjustable temperature settings between 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. We also love that it automatically goes into sleep mode when no movement is sensed and wakes up accordingly. It’s stainless steel body with a strong ceramic coating also has a very modern touch to it. Check it out here.

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If you want to go for a full set which comes with the mug and warmer, consider going for the COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set. It is also another rather high tech mug warmer that features controls with LED display and allows switching between F and C. We also like the mug handle and silicone slip-resistant sleeve design.

Lastly, if you just want a simple mug warmer that does the job well with almost any mug, the VOBAGA Mug Warmer Plate and KUWAN Coffee Mug Warmer are some great options as well.